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Welcome to the Boyne Navigation Branch website

Fáilte chug suíomh Bhrainse Loingseoireachta na Bóinne

Our parent group (Inland Waterways of Ireland) have published a book to celebrate the 60th anniversary since it's founding.

To paraphrase the purpose of the group, shared aims of promoting traffic on the rivers and canals, opposing any obstructions and campaigning for the conservation and preservation of a working navigation.

Current Workparty Notice

A new year means a new years schedule of workparties been held by our group. A workparty will be held this Saturday 10th January 2014 at 09:30. at the Oldbridge Guardlock (back of Battle of the Boyne centre)

We will meet up at "Our compound" (near the Lower Newgrange section.) and volunteers will be issued work. We have over a month break at this stage and over the holiday I am sure an excess of good cheer was had so it is now time to start burning that off. Work planned will be the "cutting and clearing" growth that has occurred over the last year in this areas. Work undertake at our last work party was the restoration/ putting in place of step above the Oldbridge Sealock and preparation work was carried out on the Lower Newgrange section (Staleen, Donore). Photos of steps can be seen on our Facebook page.

Our Facebook page has reached a milestone of 500 "Like"s, we would like to thank one and all for their support in helping us reach this mark after it only been in existence in April 2014, roll 1000 ;-). I put up photo of how the mass of rain effect various stretch of the Boyne Navigation/ canal and I have kept a couple as it would be hard to get perspective on the area when against them not been flooded, I will put these photos up early next week!!

If anyone who we meet at either the Irish Maritime Festival or Sonáirte, Duleek, Slane, from our Open day or anyone else is interested in coming along on Saturday you are more than welcome. A free lunch is available to all volunteers (and its said such doesn't exist :-)

The Greenway was officially opened back in the middle of April with cyclists, runners, walkers and all others making great use of it.

Hope to see you along on Saturday!!,
Eugene Carbery, Project Manager,
Boyne Navigation Branch.

Photo: This shows the wall which forms the bank of the early Staleen section just above Staleen Lock (Lock 3) on the canal. A lovely protected structure of a hump back bridge can be seen in the distance. As you can see from the picture a stone has fallen out of the wall and sadly this is repeated in a number of section of the wall. About 1/2 of the stone wall has been repointed and repaired at this stage but due to the change in weather we may not be able to do any further such work until the Spring.

Additional branch information

Branch Burgee - onsale

Our branch held a competition in Spring 2013 to created it's our burgee. James Leahy came up with the winning design which our branch adopted and we had a number of these burgees made. These burgees can be bought for the small sum of only €20, our branch benefits from the sale of each burgee. Enquires can be directed towards our branch email account. This burgee can alternatively be bought from the IWAI shop.

Branch visitors

Some snippets from the Powerboat visit last Spring to Drogheda town & the Boyne Navigation can be found at IWAI forum & Drogheda Life, Drogheda Independent as well as the D Hotel facebook page. Recently became aware of a presentation which was put up on youtube one of the Powerboat branch, enjoy...

Previous Workparty notices for 2012 - 2014 can be viewed here.

Further details (eg driving directions, etc.) on branch events can be found at the Events & News section of the IWAI website.

Restoration Progress

Spring/ Summer 2014

The cutting has finished once again for this part of the year but no fear we will be back at it later in the year when the directive permits it. Great work was done up at Athlumney, Navan during the two session we spent up there this year once again. That section is nearly cleared of impediments.

The big plan for this section of the year is complete the Sealock, Oldbridge. The main things outstanding to be finished are: complete paving boarding the lock, rebuild the fallen wall at the estuary entrance of the Sealock (Lock 1) and seeding of grass on the clay sections. Other works will be determined as we continue working in this area. Moorings are been integrated into the estuary wall.

Our focus has started to shift already to the Guard Lock (Lock 2). The towpath was given a good timming a few mths back and looks really the part before the seasons growth takes place. Measurements have been taken for lockgates to be installed in this lock. We are planning how we will go about doing this at the moment so keep an eye on our website so you can follow our progress verbally and visually.

Work has also begun up on the Newgrange/ Brú na Bóinne section of the canal. We will concentrate on strengthening the stonework at the initial section of this part of the canal, Staleen Lower.

Click here for our gallery of images.

We must again thank our many sponsors for their several kinds of help in our efforts, particularly Chapter Paving, Halco Ltd., and Larry Drew & Co. for their supply of heavy construction machinery during the past months.

The project has been in progress since 2003. The work to date has been concentrated on the canal section from the sea lock at Oldbridge to the turf lock at the Horse Bridge, approximately 0.5 miles to the east of the upstream junction with the River Boyne. This work has involved significant voluntary effort and has resulted in the restoration of a considerable length of navigable waterway.

Branch Awards

Our branch received the Ellison Award of appreciation from the Meath Association of An Taisce in 2012. We were presented with a "certificate" and plaque. The plaque is going to be mounted at the Sealock in the near future.

In 2010 our branch received an award in recognition of our Excellence in Community Commitment from Drogheda Chamber for our work.

Articles about our restoration

Inland Waterdays Association of Ireland wrote a really inciteful article about the history of the canal along with the progress the branch was making a couple of years ago, this article can be found here.

Our work gets regular mentions in local papers and other local media.

Recent mentions our work has got in local papers are: Completed Oldbridge Sealock, our Open day 2014 and Slane Restoration Group.

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