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Work Programme 2019

Oldbridge Sealock & Guardlock section (Locks 1 & 2)

Since lockgates were installed at Lock 2 in 2017, our group has focused on maintaining this section, i.e. grass cutting, clearance of tree branches that have fallen into the water. Recent photos of such work can be found on our group's Facebook presence.

Upper Staleen section (Lock 4)

A local community in Rossnaree have adopted the towpath/ walkway on this section. They maintain the hedging, growth which borders it and have maintained grass growth too. Their work can be followed here

Slane section (Lock 7, 8 and 9)

We hope to form a local group in this section over the summer. It would be great to attract local people to help with the maintanence work. Time will tell regarding this and hopefully we can get them an internet presence, so their work can be followed.

Navan section

We have a separate group working under our group on this section. They carry out their work on this section. Their work can range of clearance of growth, branches and trees that fall into the waterway. They have also concentrated work around Lock 17 - Rowley's Lock and its lock house. Keep an eye on their Facebook presence here

Work Programme 2014

* Sealock/ Tiernan's Lock, Oldbridge, Co. Meath( Lock 1) - Spring and late Winter:

We have pretty much the Oldbridge Sealock finished, have fitted steps at the estuary end of the lock, finished paving it, grassed the clay sections and fitted railings on the upper lockgate to faciliate the cutting in the garden boarding the lock chamber.

* Lower Newgrange section (Staleen, Donore, Co. Meath - Lock 3) - Late Summer, Autumn and early Winter:

Work has focused on the area between Staleen lock chamber and the hump back bridge, a xxx metre section. Pointing and minor rebuilding of sections of a stone wall bank border this section of the wall has been under take. Such work had steadily taken place up until end of October but since a change in the weather has occurred it is no longer possible to carry out such work. We will resume this work in Spring/ Summer when the weather should be more consistent. To add this work level of the canal basin was slightly lower in the area bordering the stone wall bank and dead vegetation was removed from the wall.

* Slane (Locks 7 and 8):

A number of local groups up in Slane have undertake to restore the Slane sections of the Boyne canal/ Navigation. Work they have undertake so far is fixing any stonework that may have been loose, clearing thick vegetation on the section between the Upper Slane Lock and the Canal bridge which is apart of the main bridge which spans the River Boyne to Slane. Ensuring that hedging was kept in check along the Towpath (walkway) which borders the Slane canal/ Navigation section. Additional information about their work can be found on their facebook page.

* Athlumney, Navan (between Athlumney Bridge and Navan town) - late Winter

The remaining vegetation protruding over this canal section was removed. A certain amount of tree debris was removed from the canal.

Work Programme 2013

* Oldbridge Sealock/ Tiernan's Lock - Spring, Summer, Autumn and early Winter:

Paving to border the Oldbridge Sealock was undertake. Removal of stop boards at the estuary end of the Oldbridge Sealock. Welcomed the first boat into the Oldbridge Sealock chamber. Welcomed first canal chamber of boats in the Oldbridge Sealock. Sealed the Oldbridge Sealock lockgates.

* Athlumney, Navan (between Athlumney Bridge and Navan town) - late Winter:

Clearance of vegetation which was protruding over the canal was cut back to the edge of the canal. An amount of tree debris was removed from the canal.

Work Programme 2012

The work programme for 2012 is well under way at the moment. The work programme includes the demolition of the concrete dams and the restoration of the lock gates at the Sea Lock and at the Oldbridge upper Guard Lock at the Horse Bridge.

This is a big project so we need all the help we can get. We have jobs for everyone from shovelling, cutting, welding, joinery, organisational skills, catering - we have a job for you!

We meet at the Sea Lock at Oldbridge at 9:30am, every second Saturday. Check out Events section for our work party schedule for the coming months. You will find directions to our meeting point on our Directions page.

We will supply you with a hard hat and hi-viz jacket. It is advisible that you wear a pair of work gloves and steel toe capped footwear to prevent injury to your toes. You will need to report to the Project Manager (green helmet) at each workparty and he will issue work to be done by each volunteer.

We break for lunch where our catering team will supply you with tea/ coffee, sandwiches and cake. Lovely homemade soup is given out during any of the cold days also well as the above mentioned.