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Previous progress

Spring/ Summer 2016

We have started the year doing cleanup work along the Navan section of the Boyne Navigation. Stackallen Lock the lower lock on the section was the first one day and the area around Athlumney Bridge, Navan was the next location.

Finishing work on the stone wall bank down at the Lower Newgrange section/ Staleen will next be on our plan of works. In order for us to proceed with our planned extensive restoration work on this section

This general overview of work we are due to take on over these season will be updated as time goes on.

Autumn/ Winter 2015

Work we have carried out so far has the clearance of dumped household appliances into the Oldbridge section of the waterway which passes behind the Battle of the Boyne Centre. Since water levels have been low we have more easily able to access such stuff.

We are due to finish up stonewall canal bank pointing and restoration in the Newgrange section of the Boyne Navigation. It would be hoped to move above the stone wall bridge in this section to clear out foilage and tree have are either growing or have fallen into the navigation.

A number of trees have fallen into the Navan/ Athlumney section of the canal so we will be due to either hold a full/ small workday up in this section to clear out these

Spring/ Summer 2015

Our main focus is the install a set of lockgate into Lock 2 up at the Oldbridge Guardlock. These gates will be fabricated and we will fit them. It would be hoped to have them in place by our Heritage Week event. Once these gates are in place it would allow craft to navigate from Drogheda all the way up the estuary up to the Oldbridge Sealock - Lock 1, travel up this section of canal, pass through Oldbridge Guardlock - Lock 2 and back out onto the River Boyne. People could then travel as far as the start of the Newgrange section of the canal/ Navigation. The route would be approximately 6 plus miles.

We are planning to continue work up at the Newgrange canal/ Navigation section. We need to finish pointing the canal bank wall which we nearly completed last winter. Work also needs to be carried out on the lock chamber of Lock 3 where capstones need to but back in place. The bridge on this section also will need some point work to be carried out along with ivy removal.

The cutting has finished once again for this part of the year but no fear we will be back at it later in the year when the directive permits it. Great work was done up at Athlumney, Navan during the two session we spent up there this year once again. That section is nearly cleared of impediments.

The big plan for this section of the year is complete the Sealock, Oldbridge. The main things outstanding to be finished are: complete paving boarding the lock, rebuild the fallen wall at the estuary entrance of the Sealock (Lock 1) and seeding of grass on the clay sections. Other works will be determined as we continue working in this area. Moorings are been integrated into the estuary wall.

Our focus has started to shift already to the Guard Lock (Lock 2). The towpath was given a good timming a few mths back and looks really the part before the seasons growth takes place. Measurements have been taken for lockgates to be installed in this lock. We are planning how we will go about doing this at the moment so keep an eye on our website so you can follow our progress verbally and visually.

Work has also begun up on the Newgrange/ Brú na Bóinne section of the canal. We will concentrate on strengthening the stonework at the initial section of this part of the canal, Staleen Lower.

Autumn/ Winter 2014

The cutting season has once again resumed since the start of September. We don't have any major plans to avail of it at the moment other than cutting down the reeds on the Oldbridge section of the canal which borders the Oldbridge estate.

Our volunteers have been making great progress restoring a stone wall which is one bank in the Lower Newgrange section (Staleen, Donore - Lock 3) of the canal/ Navigation. It is expected (weather permitting) that this part of the work will be finished over the next two workparties (as of writting 15 October).

It is hoped that we will get to make a start on the Upper Lock (Guard Lock) on the Oldbridge section of the Navigation. We aren't sure how much work we will get done or what work at this stage but keep looking at our facebook page for further updates!!

Autumn/ Winter 2013

Our Summer stint ended with the historic demolition of the concrete barrier which was in front of the Sealock Breastgates. The Oldbridge section of the navigation is now almost fully accessible to traffic which might travel up from Drogheda or further afield.

We are all set for a busy 2nd part to our year. Some work needs to be finished up at the Sealock site e.g. complete paving along the Sealock, sealing up the Tailgates and complete gaskets on the lock gates. We will move our initial focus after this to a range of possible works on this section those being possibly the next lock chamber on the canal, the Guard lock beside the Battle of the Boyne Centre or continue our work to clear the Towpath between the Guard Lock and Lower Staleen.

We have plans to make an appearance above Athlumney once again to continue our clearance of the canal, we are getting ever closer to Navan town. We organised two consecutive workparties before the Habitat's Directive came into force last Spring and made amazing progress after such a short time.

Initial clearance work maybe carried out on the Slane section of the canal at some point over this period.

Keep checking back for further news about our above progress throughout the year. The photo section of our website contains photographys that were taken in each of those locations.

Spring/ Summer 2013

We are now under the rule of the Habitat's directive so we can no longer continue the clearance of vegetation. We can't resume such activity until September. Work has resumed on the Sealock where continued fitting of the lock gates will take place. The branches goal is to open access from the Sealock onto the Oldbridge section of the canal. Work is going to be focused on the Sealock. The removal of the concrete barrier in front of the Breastgates, finishing of the paving which borders the Sealock and rebuilding of the collapsed wall at the entrance to the Sealock chamber. The first boat to enter the Sealock took place on the 16 March 2013 the first time boat had entered it and rised in over 70 years!! Our branch is due to have a visit from at least one branch (Powerboat branch & we may welcome others during this period.

Autumn/ Winter 2012

We will be able to cut back the growth that has occurred over Spring and Summer from the 1st September once the Habitat's directive expires for this year. Due to the poor weather up to now (which has resulted in high water levels) we haven't progressed work in the Sealock chamber as much as hoped. We have dedicated recent workparties to performing works around the Sealock e.g. laying a foundation as well as paving that will run along the side of the Sealock. We have also been diverted with trees that have fallen across the canal channel during windy spells, these have been mostly removed but it will be full steam ahead to clear remaining pieces of these trees. We would hope that our major branch event might happen over the course of these seasons but since we meet up once every 2 weeks we need to be lucky with the weather inbetween workparties at the moment and not only on the day of a workparty.

Spring/ Summer 2012

Since the start of Spring 2012 we have once again concentrated all work on the Sealock. All vegetation cutting has ceased due to the Habitats directive. The lock is been pumped out at most of the work parties to allow for fitting of the tailgates, clearance of silt from the lock base, laying of kerbing near the edge of the lock chamber & other general tidying up of the lock chamber. Work to be done over the next while: laying of paving slabs between the kerbing and Sealock chamber, rebuilding of the wall (estuary end) at the entrance to the lock and the removal of the timber beams from the estuary end of the lock (which currently slows down the tidal waters entering/ exiting the lock). We will then move onto the concrete barrier which is blocking the full opening of the breastgate thus preventing navigation of the Boyne canal. Careful planning will be involved at these stages. This work will progress over the Summer and early Autumn months. Due to the poor weather we have postponed our big branch event until later in the year, keep checking back to the website for further information.

Autumn/ Winter 2011

The work programmes of Autumn/ Winter 2011 included clearance of vegetation, maintenance of the cleared navigation, painting of both sets of lock gates at the Sealock, the installation & testing of the newly fitted breast gate, fitting of hand railings to both lock gates, the refitting of loss or damaged stonework at the Sea Lock and ongoing upkeep at the Oldbridge upper Guard Lock section at the Horse Bridge.

Summer 2011

The main activity of the Branch - restoration of the Navigation - reached a significant milestone on Saturday 30th July 2011 when the new breastgates at the sealock at Oldbridge were lifted into position in the lock these gates nicely complemented the tailgates already in situ.

Summer 2010

The tailgates were originally lifted into position in the lock on the 19th July 2010 at the sealock in Oldbridge. The main lift was carried out with a 60ft crane located partly on the public road beside the lock, and careful control & diversion of traffic along the road was needed for the lifting operation. For the first time in over ninety years a lockgate was swung in the sealock, and it fell to our Vice Chairman & Project Manager, Tommy Mc Loughlin to perform the historic act!