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About the branch

About the branch

The Boyne Navigation Branch is a branch of the Inland Waterways Association of Ireland (IWAI). The primary objective of the branch is the restoration of the Boyne Navigation (Canal) which goes from Drogheda to Navan.

The Boyne Navigation branch of IWAI was formed in May 2007. The branch is still actively working on the restoration of the initial lock on the canal & hopes to have that lock (sealock) open by the end of this year.

The branches origins are from within the Dublin Branch of the IWAI. They decided to form a subcomittee tasked with the restoration of the Boyne Navigation. The subcommittee was called the Boyne Canal Action Group (BCAG). It was chaired by Frank Godfrey a well known local figure (twice mayor of Drogheda). An alliance was formed with An Taisce in 2004 to restore as much of the waterway as possible, starting from the seaward end and working upstream. A lot of early impetus and work on the project, both before and during the early stages of the restoration was provided by the late Robert Law of Rossnaree. Early members to the BCAG were Mick Kinahan, Tommy McLaughlin, Stephen Early, Seamus & Padraic Costello, Myles Brady, Ray Carr & many more.

You can follow the branches progress by visiting the news section of this website. You can become a member of the branch by visiting this webpage.