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Boyne Banter

The below articles have been featured in the Inland Waterways Association of Ireland magazine called IWN

Summer 2012 - Boyne Banter

This article featured:

* Our progress of fitting the Breastgate, Tailgate and Cill.

* Installation of drainage and kerbing along the roadside of the Sealock by Meath Co. Co.

* Ongoing maintenance of Oldbridge section of canal.

* Possibility of topping trees by the Oldbridge Estate.

* Successfully turnout for Valentines walk between Navan and Stackallen.

Spring 2012 - Boyne Banter

This article featured:

* Final fitting and painting of lockgates.

* Exploritory walk took place between Oldbridge and Staleen canal sections.

* A exploratory walk was taken on the next of the navigation between Oldbridge section and Staleen.

* News from AGM

* Branch member took part in 'Grand to the Royal' small boat rally

Winter 2011 - Boyne Banter

This article featured:

* Both sets of lock gates are in place and stone work is been repaired.

* Tmeporary fency removed was removed.

* 'Open Day' was cancelled

* Sponsored Heritage week walk held at Slane.

* Investiging restoration of towpath between Oldbridge and Staleen canal sections.

Summer 2011 - Boyne Banter

This article featured:

* Breastgates have been lifted into place and final fitting 'in situ'.

* Preparation for repair of stone at enterance to Sealock.

* 'Small Boat Rally' was held on tidal stretch.

* Branch members joined the Newry and Portadown branch on outing to Cooley peninsula.

* Branch attends hearing on Slane bypass.

Spring 2011 - Boyne Banter

This article featured:

* Fabrication and assembly of breastgate continues.

* The big thaw begins.

* Visit from Newry Branch.

* AGM news.

* Negotiation with various authorities regarding next section of canal restoration.

Winter 2010 - Boyne Banter

This article featured:

* Fitting of paddles and winding gear.

* Breastgates have been transported from work yard.

* Resetting of Sealock stonework has been completed.

* 'Open day' and 'Information Day' held.

* Agreement endorsed that IWAI are exclusive agents of An Taisce on the Navigation.

Autumn 2010 - Boyne Banter

This article featured:

* Work continues on Tailgate paddles and winding gear.

* Resetting of stonework nearly complete.

* Fabrication of Beastgate in yard continues.

* Branch barbecue.

* Plans to hold 'Open day' and 'Information Day'.

Summer 2010 - Boyne Banter

This article featured:

* Licensed removal of tree roots and foilage growing from the Sealock walls.

* Small Boat Rally started at the Sealock, traveled up to Lower Staleen and bused up to the Roughgrange and walked up to Upper Staleen.

* Reception held in Rosnaree House for our walkers and boaters.

* New year's walk took place in the Oldbridge estate and that section of the canal.

* Enquires about funding for Lower Staleen section.

Spring 2010 - Boyne Banter

This article featured:

* Some workparties were suspended due to heavy rain and low temperatures.

* Lifting gear had arrived and used for lifting Tailgates into position for final fitting.

* Branch provided a tutor for a Sonairte walk relating to Riparian Management on the canal.

* The branch was shortlisted for a 'A Pride of Place Initiative' awards and attended

* Talk hosted at Sealock for international vistors - our restoration and work done.

Winter 2009 - Boyne Banter

This article featured:

* Repairs to the Sealock floor need to be carried out.

* Tailgates installed in July.

* Dredge and associated works length of canal above the Upper Guard Lock and the main river.

* Open Day was held seventh in a serious and very well attended.

* Branch has been represented at several function, more in next Boyne Banter.

Autumn 2009 - Boyne Banter

This article featured:

* Focus on the demolition of the causeway across the lock which has now been completed.

* Tailgates were craned into place.

* Fabrication of Breastgates has begun.

* Branch barbecue toke place.

* Branch members took part in Lagan Rally.

Summer 2009 - Boyne Banter

This article featured:

* Stonework repairs are taking place and preparing to lift Tailgates.

* Lifting beam has been ordered to left gates during final fitting.

* Branch partcipated in the National Clean up campaign.

* Small boat rally - vistors from Newry IWAI Branch.

* Rally consisted of a boat trip started from Sealock and participants walked along the towpath of the unrestored Stallen section up to Brú na Bóinne Centre.

Spring 2009 - Boyne Banter

This article featured:

* Renovation of the Lock wall stonework continues.

* Initial assembly of Tailgates is progressing well.

* Main steelwork has been delivered for Breastgates.

* Branch was award a Community grant by Meath Co.Co.

* Talks were held with Louth Co.Co. about mooring facilities for boatings using the Navigation.

Winter 2008 - Boyne Banter

This article featured:

* Clearance of silt from Sealock chamber is complete.

* Branch took part in the Meath 'Pride of Place' and the Drogheda Chamber Business excellence awards.

* Boyne open day

Autumn 2008 - Boyne Banter

This article featured:

* Construction site has been estabilished and two containers have donated.

* Tailgate assembly continues.

* Our equipment transport trailer was stolen.

* Branch hosted IWAI council meeting.

* Branch Barbecue held in Sealock garden with guitar accompany

Summer 2008 - Boyne Banter

This article featured:

* Small boat rally welcomed visitors from the Erne and Lagan branches.

* Demolition of the causeway across the Breastgate cill continues.

* Temporary site fencing erected around Sealock

* An IWAI council meeting was hosted by the branch at Townley Hall.

Spring 2008 - Boyne Banter

This article featured:

* All workparties were suspended on instruction of then IWAI President.


* Steel sections of Tailgate have arrived at the Sealock.

* Demolition of causeway across Breastgate sill has commenced.

* Branch visits RAM Island to view RBLNA restoration effort of a different kind.

Winter 2007 - Boyne Banter

This article featured:

* Trip on partly restored 107B barge was taken on a short from Tullamore and back.

* Stopboards were installed at the Tailgate end of the Sealock.

* Removal of remains of old gates, clear of silt and measuring for new gates.

* Open Day

Autumn 2007 - Boyne Banter

This article featured:

* Boyne branch joins the IWAI association.

* Branches former name Boyne Navigation Restoration Group won the Endeavour cup.

* Small boat rally - starting at the Sealock on boats and end the trip by walk the lower Staleen towpath.

* The Branch participated in the Lagan boat rally.

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