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Previous Workparty Notices

Workparty Notice 14th December 2013

Volunteers, members and friends, this will be our last workparty in 2013. We will be convening at the Oldbridge, Sea-lock on Saturday 14th December 2013 09:30. The proposed work will comprise:
1. Paving and landscaping of the Sea-lock.
2. Tree trimming.
3. Clearance of vegetation.

Although the road is closed there is local access from the Rathmullen road and Sheephouse road.

Workparty Notice 29th November 2013

Our next work party will be on this Saturday.

December 14th
Time: 09.30
Venue: Depot at Staleen (email for directions)

The proposed work will comprise:
1. Repair of major bank and erosion along the towpath towards the Guardlock.

Road closures are still in effect along the Rathmullan Road due to construction of the Greenway. Lifts will be provided by other members from the depot down to the worksite. It is best to go via Donore village to the depot in Staleen from the Drogheda direction.

A fresh mix of lime mortor was made at the depot. Sealock gates were painted. A meeting was held with Greenway contractors. Removal of fallen branches from the Oldbridge section and vegetation clearance was carried out on the towpath up towards the Guardlock.

See ye on Saturday,
John Martin, Hon. Treasurer,
Boyne Navigation Branch.

Photo: The picture shows a number of our members walking up to the Guardlock to carry out the clearance of vegetation growth over the Summer, the Guardlock entrance can be seen in the distance.

Workparty Notice 16th November 2013

Our next work party will be on Saturday, November 16th and volunteers will convene at the storage depot .

Time: 09:30
Venue: Depot at Staleen

The proposed work will comprise:
1. Repair of additional major bank sections and erosion along the towpath towards the Guardlock.

Road closures are still in effect along the Rathmullan Road due to construction of the Greenway. Lifts will be provided by other members from the depot down to the worksite. It is best to go via Donore village to the depot in Staleen from the Drogheda direction.

Our depot containers were tidied up and are how ship shape for additional equipment were we to gain possession of any. Vegetation clearance was carried out up at the Guardlock and measurements taken.

Workparty Notice 2nd November 2013

Date: Saturday, 02/11/2013
Time: 09.30
Venue: Depot at Staleen

The proposed work will comprise:
1. Trimming bushes and vegetation along the towpath near Horse bridge at Oldbridge.
2. Repairing canal bank breaches.
3. General towpath maintenance.

Please be informed that access from the Rathmullan road to the Sea-lock and Oldbridge is closed due to Greenway construction works. It is best to go via Donore village to the depot in Staleen from the Drogheda direction.

See ye on Saturday,
John Martin, Hon. Treasurer,
Boyne Navigation Branch.

Photo: The picture shows road work signs which belong to the contractors who are constructing the Greenway, note to the bottom left of the photo preparation work which has been already carried out.

Workparty Notice 19th October 2013

The Boyne branch will be holding a workparty this Saturday 19th October at the Sealock, Oldbridge starting at 09:30.

The main focus of the work will be trimming excess vegetation, briars and bushes along the towpath, more work will be delegated on the day depending on which members turn up.

It is expected that work which is taking place on the Greenway will be down as far as the Sealock, all will be revealed on Saturday so expect more updates about it.

Photo: The picture shows our branch dinghy on a return trip from the Guard Lock (Oldbridge canal section) at the end of a workparty.

Workparty Notice 28th September 2013

Workparty on the Boyne Navigation this Saturday 28 September at Oldbridge Sealock at 9:30.

Work done the last day, clearance of our remaining equipment on the Island/ garden was completed. Work on the paving has once again resumed with the foundations for the next stretch been laid.

As of last night the weather has been forecast to be good on Saturday and lets hope it stays that way. Additional paving foundation will be laid along with paving slabs. Work will be issued as per usual to all comers but will be dependent on the number of people that show up on the day. Kevin was once again the star of the show giving full use of his truck which we used every inch of space with our equipment.

There hasn't been any sign of the Greenway yet in the environs of the Sealock other than markings on the road but this situation is sure to change over the next few months!!

Workparty Notice 21st September 2013

Work party on the Boyne this Saturday the 21st Sept starting from Oldbridge Sealock at 09:30.

We have completed 90% of the clearance of material from the island. What's to be done:

  • We still have to remove the rubbish we collected from the canal so we will need to separate the recyclable material, bag it and send it down to the Drogheda Recycling centre.
  • there are a few barrels, work bench and such like which can go up to the Stalleen depot.
  • The altered walkway brackets are ready for refitting to the Breastgate
  • and work kerbing at the Breastgate area can be continued.

    The canal water level is still too low so the removal of the tree across the canal will have to wait for sufficient water to float our boat.

    Last work party we again had Kevin with his tractor and trailer which was of invaluable help in getting our gear loaded and back up to the depot.

    Now one event we are still waiting on is Mrs de Roista Sons modelling of his by now infamous boiler suite this we presume will allow him to labour without the constant threat of a wardrobe malfunction and with all its supposed "bells & whistles" could actually work without him been in it.

    Photo is the first actual boat to come up through the Sealock after the gates were completed.

    Lagan Rally

    The Lagan Branch of IWAI are due to hold their annual small boat rally on the 28th September with boats to launch at 11:30. All branch members are welcome to attend. We haven't decided if we are going to official attend any of the events. Schedule for the Rally is as so.

    Workparty Notice 7th September 2013

    Work party on the Boyne at Oldbridge Sealock this Saturday the 7th September starting at 09:30.

    The reason we brought forward this workparty outside of the scheduled workparties is we need to complete the clearance of the "island" before work starts on the "Greenway" which is scheduled to commences on the 16th September.

    Last Saturday we removed the lifting gantry, scaffolding and twelve stopboards, these were all moved back to the depot. We had some additional assistance on the day otherwise we would have only moved a fraction of the gear, our thanks to Pat in Chapter Paving who came up trumps as usual with the tellyporter. Our own Kevin Fullam provided a tractor and trailer for the day again, this assistance is much appreciated!! Of course our own gang were not exactly sitting around as we worked till after 6pm not to mention unloading the gear afterwards at the depot.

    The lock now has a some what completed look but we still have work to bring it to completion. On Saturday we will be concentating on clearing our gear out of the "island". The brackets for the lock gate walkway have been taken for alteration and when these are refitted we can remove the three remaining stopboards. The way is then be clear for boating traffic on this stretch of the canal. The bigger the turnout on Saturday the more we can clear out as it will be problematic to move equipment in or out when the "Greenway" is under construction.

    Photo is of venerable "Auld Girls" awaiting some poor unfortunate looking for a "Project" where are they?†the brothers stay quite.

    Workparty Notice 31 August 2013

    Our brief rest is over and its back to work parties Saturday 31st August. Starting from the Sealock at 09:30.

    We have a very full to "do list" waiting for us:

  • We need to remove the lifting gantry and the beams from across the canal,
  • Continue with the paving,
  • Sort out the hole in the towpath caused by dogs and deer,
  • Get the walkway on the breast gates altered,
  • Continue painting them,
  • Get the locking system on the breast gates sluices operational,
  • Remove the plugging material from the canal which was used to staunch the stop boards,
  • Seal up the tail gate cill with steel plates
  • and complete the gaskets on the gates

    That's just for a start, future work will involve:

  • Organising the 1st stage of the commencement of work on Oldbridge Guardlock,
  • Continue with the canal clearance work up at Athlumney the additional licence for which is about to be submitted,
  • Return to Stalleen section and continue clearance work up there.
  • We have also been in discussion with "Slane Community Forum" with a view to having initial clearance work carried out on that section of the navigation.

    All together a very full programme and of course not forgetting the "Greenway" which is scheduled to start on 16th September our agreement with Meath Co Co has as yet not been signed.

    Workparty Notice 20th July

    Workparty on the Boyne Navigation Saturday the 20th July starting at the Sealock from 09:30.

    Last workparty we started with a course on lifting and general safety from Sean Kavanagh which was most informative. The workparty proper started at 11:30 down at the Sealock. The remaining concrete and debris was removed where the concrete dam had been, it get a bit hairy at one stage, however its done. More paving pointing was completed which now leaves down stream and up stream of the lock paving to be completed.

    Work to be done Saturday:

    *We will start removing the stopboards from above the Breastgate, allow through traffic from the river,

    *We have also to organise the locking of the racks to prevent the unauthorised use of the lock ( i.e. gurriers letting the water off) not that we have much water at the moment.

    As per usual we take a break from work parties in August so the next work party is scheduled for Saturday the 31 August.

    Photo is the direct opposite of today, loads of water.

    Workparty Notice 6th July

    Workparty on the Boyne Navigation Saturday 6th July but with a slight difference.

    We have organised a course in lifting which will be given by Sean Kavanagh our H&S advisor, the venue is just up the road in Donore parish hall and it starts at 10:00. We strongly advise that all members attend this course which will take less than an hour even if you are not going on the later work party come along it will be of benefit to you. After the training we will go down to the Sealock where you can put your new found knowledge to work.

    What's to be done:

  • the pointing of the paving can go ahead with the hope that we avoid the cascade of rain which descended in the afternoon at the last work party,
  • The area at the breast is cleared and the kerbs can now be set up,
  • there is still some concrete in the channel above the breast gates which needs to be removed this requires that we work to the tide so we will be looking to work beyond our usual stopping time of 16:30.

    We need the pump and genny brought down and also need a compressor and two small hammers which the "Beggar" is chasing up, so someone needs to collect the pump and genny volunteers please.

    Photo is a recent one taken from down stream of the Sealock tail gate.

    Workparty Notice 22th June 2013

    We are back on the Boyne Saturday 22th June, we will us back in line with our annual list of events from now on.

    We will be at the Sealock from 09:30 where as ever the delightful summer weather will continue as it always does on the Boyne.

    Last Saturday we got the breastgate stopboards 95% sealed which is enough to get the concrete dam removed as its only been there for the last 80 years.

    Work to do:

  • large sections of the paving are now ready for grouting,
  • we need to alter the walkway on the breastgate
  • weather permitting painting.
  • There is a Boyne Currach event on the river this weekend, we may have visitors in the afternoon so if anyone who feels like they might want to try a trip on one you should have a change of clothes on hand before you venture out with Cliadhbh.

    Interesting Country fair will be taking place in Oldbridge House on 29th June any one at a loose end that day should drop by and enjoy the events, details are up on our web site.

    Nice to hear that we made the cover of this coming quarters issue of IWN, next time we will be going through the lock!!

    Additional information about the County Fair can be found on the official event Poster and timetable

    Workparty Notice 15th June 2013

    Work Party on the Boyne when: Saturday 15th June, venue: Oldbridge Sealock, time: 09:30.

    What's to be done:

  • we have to finish sealing up the stopboards above the breastgate,
  • the paving still quite a bit to be done on that,
  • painting its nearly never ending.
  • The canal needs to be litter picked so we need the boat down
  • and a trip up to the Horsebridge needs to be done to check the inlet sluice.

    Has anyone fixed up the wheel barrow wheels we need them for Saturday?

    Workparty Notice 25 May 2013

    Work party on the Boyne Saturday the 25th May starting at the usual time of 09:30 at Oldbridge Sealock.

    Work to be done:

  • lockgate painting,
  • paving
  • the continuance of the work on the breastgate stopboards.
  • Last time we were hampered in the paving but we got sand and mortar brought down from the depot, the stop boards are coming on slowly but Rome was not built in a day neither was the Boyne Canal.

    Heard the "Beggar" is back in work so he should be signing off from the TIS soon. The weather was good last time and Saturday promises to be a nice dry day.

    Photo: shows lifting out of stopboards from below the Tailgates on a miserable wet Saturday last March, click on photo to enlarge it.

    Workparty Notice 11th May 2013

    Work party on the Boyne Navigation When: Saturday 11th May, Venue: Oldbridge Sealock and Time: 09:30.

    Last time we started to assemble the stop planks for above the Breastgate, this is a slow heavy labour job which we hope to have dropped into position by the evening. Paving is continuing with a large batch of mortar mixed up last work day so we will continue with laying the paving. We have a lot more to do such as gate painting, hand rails for the tail gate and we need to do a litter pick on the bank and from the water.

    Next Saturday we will be hosting six pupils under the Louth Volunteer scheme who will be along to see how we operate and what we achieve on a work day, must ask them for their comments before they leave.

    Need the boat towed down so if someone is volunteering send me an email.

    Photo is of the lock house garden on the Sunday of the P.B.B. visit there are three branch secretaries in the picture plus two junior members an extra slice of cake to the first to name them.

    Workparty Notice 27th April 2013

    Workparty on the Boyne Navigation - when: Saturday, 27th April, where: Oldbridge Sealock and what time: 09:30.

    Since next weekend is a bank holiday weekend our fortnightly workparty has been brought forward to this Saturday, our next workparty is on 11th May unfortunately the tide on that day is also against us.

    What's to be done:

  • Continue with the paving,
  • Continue setting up the stopboards above the breastgates in preparation for the removal of the concrete dam,
  • Mortar mixed out up at the depot so we have no slow up in the paving.
  • The "snapper" appeared with the long awaited branch burgee, which is an impressive looking piece of cloth!! he has them available at Ä20 each. The "beggar" also appeared driving his van so his recovery is gathering pace.

    The tide is against us this saturday so there is no point in pumping to complete the gasketing on the tail gate.

    Last Saturday we got the lifting rig set up above the breastgate and new bridge planks set up ready for setting up the stopboards. The paving is a step further on with the paving under the swing section of the tail balance beam nearly complete. we still have to complete the painting of the tail gates we will be leaving the painting of the breast gates till after the concrete dam is removed. The mechanical section ie "the brother" has the rails on the breast gates and will be working on the rails for the tail gate soon.

    The weather is again forecast to be dry but a bit colder so come on the work party save on the home heating oil and allow us to warm you up.

    Workparty Notice 20th April 2013

    Work party on the Boyne, when: Saturday the 20th April, venue: Oldbridge Sealock, time: 09:30.

    What's to be done:

  • Paving,
  • Tailgate gaskets,
  • Steel plates to be bolted onto the cill,
  • Stopboards to be positioned above Breastgates, in preparation to been dropped into position,
  • Wall section below Tailgate, preparation work for rebuilding,
  • Mixer to be moved up to depot and mortar mixed out,
  • that should keep us busy for the day.

    So we need the pump, genny, electric mixer and most importantly of all WE NEED YOU!!!

    Last weekend was a great weekend for both Drogheda and the Boyne Navigation, Drogheda got the go ahead for their marina and we had a visit from a fellow IWAI branch, the Power Boat Branch. After nearly 10 years working on the Boyne Navigation it felt great to see boats been locked up into the Sealock, the gates closed and the boats lifted for the first time in nearly 90 years. We got very good reviews from all who came up to the Sealock both by boat and car and they all enjoyed our reception and the visit to the Battle of the Boyne Centre, this will do no harm at all to the project. We are not far off completion on the Sealock now and we will be planning our move up to the Guardlock which is our next section.

    Special Event on the Boyne weekend of the 14 and 15th April 2013

    That weekend was a big event on the Boyne, the Power Boat Branch (P.B.B.) were visiting Drogheda with an official welcome from the Lord Mayor of Drogheda. We were busy on both 13th (Saturday) & 14th (Sunday).

    Saturday:The P.B.B. itinerary started with them launching from the Fisherman's Rescue slip from 09;00, they were then going down river to meet the Clogherhead RNLI, Port of Drogheda Pilot boat and Fishermen's Rescue boats at 11:00, they will collectively navigate up river to an official welcome from the Lord Mayor of Drogheda at De Lacey bridge at 13:00, followed by a sponsored lunch at the D Hotel. At 14:30 the P.B.B will accompany the Clogherhead RNLI boat back to Clogherhead for a tour of the station, there is a dinner in the Boyne Valley Hotel at 20:00.

    The Boyne Navigation Branch (B.N.B.) will be launching our boats from Oldbridge Sealock starting at 09:00, we will then travel down river to De Lacey Bridge in Drogheda where we will set up our big navigation banner on the railings. We will be going on down to assist the P.B.B at the Fishermen's Rescue slip, when they go down to meet the lifeboat we will return up river to De Lacey bridge to be ready to assist in mooring up boats coming back up river. From there on we will take part in the general run of events for the afternoon remembering that our boats will need to be back up at the Sealock by 16:00.

    Sunday: is our day to host the P.B.B. and anybody else who comes up river with them. We will assemble at the Sealock 09:00 to set up the tents and tables along with our banners. We will launch two boats into the Boyne river with the rest launched into the canal. At 11:00 the two boats in the river will go down river to escort the P.B.B. boats up river from De Lacey bridge to the Sealock. The flotilla will arrive at the Sealock from 11:45 where they will drive into the lock it will be raised to allow for easy disembarkment. An official welcome will be given by the Boyne Navigation from our B.N.B. Chairman, light refreshments will be available at the Sealock garden. At between 12:30-13:00 the P.B.B. members will be taken upstream on the canal above the Engineers Bridge where they can avail of a tour organised at a special group rate of Ä 2 at the Battle of the Boyne Centre. Our boats will then continue up the canal to the horse bridge. If enough P.B.B. members want to see the first fresh water river section we will put boats in the canal above the horse bridge. Be available to bring P.B.B. members back down from the battle centre so they can depart the Sealock by 15:30. Take our boats out of the canal and river dismantle tent set up and restore gear in storage depot.

    We need to know by noon on Saturday how many people are going to avail of the battle centre, how many if any people want to go up on the river section so we can have boats in place.

    We need as many B.N.B. boats as possible both on Saturday and Sunday. It is intended to transport as many B.N.B. members as possible down to Drogheda by river as parking in the town could be a problem so get to the Sealock by 09:30 at the latest. We will have catering numbers for Sunday by noon on Saturday.

    So what's it all about? The P.B.B. have arranged their run to incorporate Drogheda Council's launch of a marina initive for Drogheda and as Drogheda is the gateway to the Boyne Valley whose hidden gem is the Boyne Navigation. We must take the opportunity to publicise both ourselves and the IWAI initiatives in the restoration of the navigation. There will be alot of officials present along with national media so we need to get the message across that Drogheda is only the start of the journey and the hidden potential of the navigation to Navan is there awaiting to be explored!!!

    If I have forget anything remind me and we can sort it out on the day.

    Workparty Notice 6th April 2013

    Work party on the Boyne Saturday the 6th April venue: Oldbridge Sealock and start time: 09:30.

    What's on the agenda for the day:

  • paving has to be restarted with the section at the tail gates first to be done,
  • the tree is still across the canal east of the Engineers bridge,
  • the stop boards removed from below the Sealock have to be moved up to above the lock so that a dam can be formed above the lock to allow for the removal of the concrete barrier,
  • mixer needs to be moved up to the depot so that lime mortar can be mixed in preparation for the paving.
  • So plenty to be done so just because we are not cutting vegetation doesn't mean we have nothing to do.

    The "Beggar" is making good progress and you never know he might pay us a visit as he is reported to becoming very restless so if he shows up be prepared for forty + questions.

    It was very sad this week that two of our longest serving members Padraig and Seamus Costello mother Margaret passed away last weekend. I met Margaret on a number of occasions and she was a nice pleasant woman who would not ask you if you were having dinner she just put it up in front of you, a truly pleasant lady may she rest in peace.

    Workparty Notice 23th Febuary 2013

    Work Party on the Boyne Navigation Saturday the 23th Feb at Athlumney starting at 09:30. This week we continue our vegetation clearance at Athlumney. Last Saturday we made good progress on the section east of Athlumney Bridge and made a start on the west side. It is a lot more overgrown there but with the addition of the new members from Navan we will complete the clearance and open the area up to recreational use.

    This will be our last work party cutting vegetation till September so from the 9th March we will be reverting to Oldbridge where by now the water level must have gone down so the "insomniacs" will be back on pump duty. We have to tighten up the tail gates, complete the paving, remove the stop boards and get the lock operational, just like that. We will have the Power Boat Branch visiting the area on 13th & 14th April so it would be nice to be able to get them into the lock to disembarked from the boats.

    On a more serious note the branch list will be up on the branch web site by the weekend, I have some incriminating photos from the more recent work parties which should also be up by the weekend.

    Workparty Notice 12 January 2013

    Ok so we are into a new year so back to work with our first work party of 2013 which will be taking place Saturday the 12th January at Stalleen. We will assemble at our depot in Stalleen at 09:30, the usual sorting out will be done.

    We are making good progress on the tow path clearance which is taking place between Stalleen & Glenmore. We will be working at Stalleen for the rest of this cutting season and we might possibly do at stint at the Navan end if that licence comes through.

    Our first committee meeting of the new committee took place last Tuesday so some new faces were present along with the "stone thrower from Navan" and the "man from Kells" jointing.

    The rest of the canal rats are nearly all fit and well but we still have some notable members still in the TIS (the in-vol-ides section). Mrs de RÛista son did eventually get a present for the cat belonging to Mrs de RÛista other son's girlfriend but the cat was not impressed and the present was instead donated to "cross cat care" that is one very lucky cat if it was me I would have donated the cat.

    We will be returning to the Sealock from March but for the time being we will stay and make use of the cutting season which ends on the 28 February. Work party schedule for the months of January & February are as follows, 12/01, 19/01, 2/02, 16/02, all these work parties are scheduled for Stalleen for the moment.A full list of branch activities will be posted on the branch web site with in the next week.

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