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Workparty notice 01 December 2012

Work party on the Boyne Navigation Saturday the 1st December starting from Oldbridge SeaLock at 09:30.

The usual arrangements (of assigning work) will be done at the Sealock. The main party will be going up to Stalleen to continue with the tow path clearance and depending on the weather (frost) we will also continue with the paving at the sea lock.

Last work party saw the group up at Stalleen cutting their way down river (in some places literally confused) but this week every one will be back on track.

All our posers were out in force for the photo session with the "Ellison Award" but it is nice to see some recognition for the conservation work we are doing.

Next Tuesday is the AGM, the day of reckoning when every body's job are up for grabs and a full and frank account of our stewardship for the last year is up for debate. It will take place in Newgrange Lodge at 8pm, its on the Donore to Ashbourne Rd 300Mt east of Brś na B—inne. Our competent catering gang will as ever have some delectable delights for us to enjoy once the fighting is over.

Snapper will you bring along your camera and maybe some old photos of the group and we can have a competition to see who has aged best, who is slimmer and who is not, it will make an interesting row in case we are all too well behaved at the meeting.

We have one more work party this year on 15th December which is now traditionally a mince pie work party, those who work and do there best will get a mince pie and those who doss and do **** all will also get a mince pie.

P.S.: A revised workparty notice was sent out on Friday the 30th November changing the workparty assembly point to the Staleen depot.

Workparty notice 17 November 2012

Work party on the Boyne Navigation Saturday starting at the usual time of 09:30 from the usual place Oldbridge SeaLock.

We will be dividing up into two groups, one at the Sealock and the other to continue on tow path clearance at Stalleen. Great work was done last time (according to Mrs de Róiste's son) he is trying to start a munity by wanting to start earlier.

Nice to see the branch getting recognition for its work by been awarded the "Ellison Award" for 2012 from the Meath Association of An Taisce so well done to all our "Ditch Crawling Navvies". The award comes with a nice citation and a stone plaque which we will erect down at the Sealock so thank you Meath Association.

Branch AGM is on 4th December in Newgrange Lodge it would be nice if all branch members came along even those who don't do work parties your support is also welcome and we wont rope you into anything you don't want to do.

TIABNB are all progressing along nicely some quicker then others but all chapping at the bit to be back working, well so they tell me perhaps its the number one caterers mince pies which will be coming up very quickly that they don't want to miss. Doesn't seem like a year since the last ones or two years since we all toasted ourselves at the barrel eating mince pies and trying to thaw out at minus 5 deg, God we really are a dedicated lot.

Workparty notice 03 November 2012

Work Party on the Boyne Saturday the 3rd November, venue: SeaLock at Oldbridge, start time: 09:30.

We will continue with the work on the paving and canal clearance on the Oldbridge section. Unfortunately the tides are again against us so no pumping this weekend, the insomniacs and the belly achers can start at the normal time.

If we have enough manpower we will attempt to do some tree clearance from the walls of Staleen Lock and possibly see what we can do below the lock.

Nice to see new people from Navan end joining us last time, all going well we should get a second crew doing preliminary clearing on some sections of the Navan end of the Navigation.

To those who went home somewhat foot shy last time your articles of footware are in storage awaiting your collection.

Workparty notice 20 October 2012

Work party on the Boyne Saturday the 20th October starting 09:30 at Oldbridge Sea Lock.

As the tides don't suit this weekend and the weather is somewhat wet we won't be using the pump so the insomniacs will be delighted to have a lie in, it will help to get their bellies back into order.

Proposed work schedule for this work party: continue with the paving at the SeaLock, start to clear the tow path of vegetation and the canal itself needs attention, alot to be done after our enforced deferment due to IWAI council activities.

Nice to note that Newry & Portadown branch got an award at the 5th Annual Tidy Northern Ireland Coast Care Award for their work on the Newry Canal and Eamonn Burke one of their members got an award for Most Committed Volunteer of the Year 2012, well done!!

Heard that the "Snapper" got himself stitched, stapled, stented or something like that so we hope to see him around with his camera and be warned don't have any magnets around or god knows what he might do.

Storage depot has some new arrangements made to it, the centre gate is now in operation and an extended ramp to the bottom container should make it easier to reverse the gear in. The gate will now be locked at all times and new security features are now operational on the containers.

Workparty notice 29 September 2012

We have an additional workparty organised for Saturday the 29th September 2012.

This workparty will take place at our depot in Stalleen. Directions to the depot: its the lane to the right just beyond the new Donore pumping station coming from Donore or coming from the Slane direction via Newgrange it is the lane to the left after Newgrange Lodge on the bend, go down the lane and take the turn right which will open up into a large yard with containers at the bottom the container area is our depot. Directions from Drogheda can be found here.

Assemble at the usual time of 09:30 but in this case you will have to bring a bit of lunch with you!!

This workparty has been organised to up grade the fencing and improve the ramps going into the containers which have cause a lot of bother over the past.

Workparty notice 15 September 2012

Work party Saturday 15th September on the Boyne, assemble as usual at the Sealock at 09:30. We will set up the various activities for the day there. This work party is in place of the one scheduled for next Saturday but brought forward because of the council meeting thus no work party next saturday. We will revert to the scheduled list from 6th October.

Last week we made considerable progress on the lock chamber with the lock filled for the first time and a large amount of sub base laid for the paving.

Have a photo this week for the first time in a while (got one of the geniuses to set it up) so here goes a full Sealock, the first in many years. Note: How well the beautiful paving work is coming along which borders the lock.

Work party on the Boyne Saturday the 8th September assemble at 09:30 at the usual place Oldbridge Sea Lock.

The insomniacs are back on duty for the first time in 3 months, we will be able to successfully pump out the lock and start to finish the gates. Those of you who prayed to your weather God please continue as we need an "Indian Summer".

Give a thought to one of our members who is undergoing an operation around now and will be sorely missed for the next couple of work parties.

We are making progress on the paving so we will need to get more sub base laid this Saturday. The work party set for 22nd September is been brought forward to the 15th as it clashes with the IWAI council meeting in Mullingar.

The walk on the 26th August was grand, our branch members came early to set up equipment at both the Sealock and St. Dominick's Park. Margaret Clinton gave an excellent insight into the foundation and development of Drogheda which set the tone for what was a lovely walk in fine weather. It was a pity the turn out was so small even though it was extensively advertised. Our caterers did a grand job as usual feeding the weary travellers, of course they continue to feed us every work party (have to mention them or I might go hungry, you know what they say "you can sack every one but the cook is the last to go").

With Autumn setting in and on the way we should salve on the present good weather, god knows we deserve it!!!

Workparty notice 25 August 2012

The summer that never started is over and so is the customery work party break on the Boyne.

Work party on the Boyne Saturday the 25th August starting from the Sealock at 09:30 where we will sort out the work groups for the day.

Sunday August 26th is of course our now customery Heritage Week walk starting from St. Dominicks Park in Drogheda at 14:00. We have Margaret Clinton from Drogheda Tourism to give a brief talk on Drogheda before we start off up the Ramparts where we will give a running brief on the way to the Sealock. The weather is going to be great and the branch catering staff will have some nice refreshments on our arrival at the Sealock. Pass the word around as everybody is welcome, those with children may like to leave the cars at Oldbridge and get a lift down to Drogheda, we will work something out for you.

Boyne Navigation Heritage week walk will take place on the 26th August. The walk will start from St. Dominick's Park, Drogheda follow along the old canal towpath, stop at the Oldbridge Sealock and end at the Battle of the Boyne Intrepretive Centre.

Find the official event poster here.

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